Mirror Mirror On The Wall, MOXI Is The Best Lipgloss For You All

When it comes to being beautiful, affordable and very classy, lipgloss is the most used beauty product in every women’s daily use. Of course, the shade and glitter are the most judged but let’s not forget about the intimate product look. MOXI has been the first business I’ve owned, and I look forward to what the future has in store with my abilities in my business.

Starting up MOXI, our brand first started in 2020 when having an “uh-huh” moment. Our long line of trials and errors taught us that creating a product can be different. Jewellery, handmade bears and lipgloss were all our various trials and errors towards our brand. Whilst making handmade bears, it began to occur that our audiences weren’t all that interested; hence that the bears were targeted towards children and young teens. The lipgloss has been the most successful product; not only does my audience love the products. The number of beautiful reviews towards our growth started from nothing.

All my supporters were just my friends, partner and myself at the time. The first time I mentioned starting my own business, I hadn’t thought about the name MOXI. My partner at the time had said it would not only suit my business my personality alone too. I can remember not everyone was supportive; that’s part of life. I started creating different logos, packaging and website making for it. Having to motivate yourself for starting a business by yourself is easier said than done. All the motivation and enthusiasm I gained were inspirations from my favourite YouTubers, writers and businesswomen. 

Lessons I’ve learnt while creating my product and side business. JUST START. It’s so easy to start your business, podcast, website or youtube channel; you have to start without procrastinating the ‘future and our success’. It’s super easy to think that everyone gains success super easy. I got inspired by a close friend and still am. Inspired to take this business seriously, learn new things and take the time out to focus on one thing, compared to juggling it all.

What’s my next goal for my business? Expanding where ever I can. So far, with my podcast on Spotify, youtube channel, blog and side business. I want to develop all my abilities in every aspect of life. Continuing my writing, Wattpad has shaped my interest in creating short stories, cooking recipes and a more intimate view on who I am—allowing my audiences to get to know me and understand me.

The present time in my life has been forever hectic. Yet it drives me to gain success, supporters and various people to get to know me through my projects and business. I plan to expand my abilities and hobbies, turning them into a career. Who knows what the future holds? I know it’ll be an interesting one, especially with my business.

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