Answering Your Questions! Q+A Part 1

Ever since I started up my blog, created various content, and upheld an Instagram aesthetic, many of you have been asking me lots and lots of questions. So. why not put it into a blog post series. Starting with part one.

Do you enjoy writing?

I do enjoy writing. As a young girl, when I first got introduced to writing my own short imagines on Wattpad, my excitement for writing started. I’ve been a member of Wattpad for many years now, and I’ve loved the idea of putting your deep thoughts, desires into stories. The first-ever story I ever wrote was on Wattpad; it’s still there too. Having an obsession with the famous Chris Evans, I wrote a dirty imagine short story. The story now has almost three thousand views, which honestly shook me when I saw it after taking a break from writing. I definitely enjoy writing; I write anytime, any day I can. I also hold a diary with the famous fluffy pen from clueless. Writing in my journal is my personal therapy; it helps remind me how far I have come and acknowledged my passion for writing and my feelings, fears, hopes, and dreams.

How did you get into blogging?

I set myself a new years goal for 2020. starting a blog was one of them; I knew it wouldn’t be easy either. When I had gone through everything at home and left it all behind. The inspiration for sharing stories, writing any advice I would have, funny stories or even being able to have my own style of uniqueness. I’ve loved using Pinterest so much; it was actually the first inspiration to get into blogging. Although most people think blogging only consists of beauty, food, health or travel. You would be surprised what other aspects of writing we come up with. When it comes to blogging, just sharing almost anything, stories, advice or funny columns is something I aim to inspire others. Due to writing on Wattpad, I’ve always wanted to expand my horizons and other hobbies I may aspire to get into.

What are some of your hobbies when you aren’t blogging?

This is such a good question when it comes to being a content creator, podcast hostess, blogger, and Youtuber. Many people think it’s a hobby, yes to start with, but I find it more of a job. Apart from taking photos, writing or creating pretty digital artwork for my projects, I have many hobbies. If I’m not writing, I’ll be reading my favourite books. Dracula, Becoming Bulletproof or Mannerheim. I also try and get into my fitness as much as possible; I usually go for an hour and a half walk when I have the chance. If I’m not walking, I’ll be pole dancing. I’ve been pole dancing for a long time; my tricks include going upside down (with no hands), splits on the pole and upside down, too; I can spin in the position of a figure skater. Many, many tricks. Other hobbies include shopping (even though some say it isn’t a hobby). I enjoy shopping and just enjoying activities outside of the house.

Are there any stereotypes people say about you?

Definitely on my ethnicity and when I usually describe to people what I do. When people hear that I’m from Russia, they think ‘spy’ or ‘you must work for the government’. I’ve had that a lot in my life, and actually, my family did have some form of connection with the government, so who knows. But on another note, many people stereotype me as a blue-eyed, blonde girl who looks pretty inexperienced in life, with dating or not that savvy on the outside when they meet me. Is it only once you see everything I’ve been through, done and have dealt with that do your stereotypes fade away. It’s also with my projects of blogging, youtube, content creating, having promotional partnerships with brands. When these people first look at my Instagram, they think ‘boujee’ or ‘you’re calling yourself another one of those dumb insta influencers?’ or ‘seeking validation on your looks, you have no brains’. It’s rather funny, but what’s more enjoyable is that when you start to see the iceberg beneath the water, it’s a totally different game and playing field. Some actually like it and remind me how proud they are of what I’m doing, despite it being “stereotyped” by total strangers.

What is some other content you do or create?

I also create other content for those who are new or don’t know me that well. I do Youtube videos (when I can and try to get on top of my schedule), I have my own podcast on Spotify too, which you can check out. I also create unique content to have another form of income and try to start up my own books on Wattpad. I love filming videos; the only thing is it’s very, very time-consuming. It’s fun to watch them, but when you have to film, edit, create a thumbnail, link the video in bio, write descriptions. You lose energy very fast. I’m not saying I don’t like making videos; it’s all challenging work that many underestimate. My top favourite is doing my podcast. My podcasts are more personal and detailed, so if there’s anything you want to hear, my podcast is the go-to. Apart from creating my unique online content, I also have a long term goal for my writing. I envision using Wattpad as a platform to write my own books, short stories or even cute catalogues capturing creativity and a sense of people getting to learn about me more.

Do you plan on travelling? Especially when the world goes back to normal?

For sure! I don’t think I’ll make a big massive world trip, but at least to Rarotonga, Hawaii, Romania, and Australia. The first trip I’m recently planning is Rarotonga. I’ll be bringing a male friend with me, and I will be filming my adventures there on Youtube. The second place will probably be Australia, and I plan to live there too real soon. I know a lot of friends in Aussie and will be hanging out at the beach too when I get the chance. The third-place I plan to travel to is, of course, Romania. I will spend a few weeks there, and the currency is excellent. Hawaii will be my last trip. Of course, I have mapped out, planned and sorted out financials on these trips. The great thing about travelling is being double vaxed and boosted too; I’m excited for when I will start travelling, mid-year of 2022 to Rarotonga first.

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Growing up, I’ve been obsessed with boy bands, fictional characters in books, movie characters and have actually outgrown having crushes on most celebrities. Having said that, I do surprisingly have a celebrity crush, well, more of a girl crush, really. Amber Scholl! I just LOVE her. I’ve watched her channel since she first started, and I instantly fell in love with her unique talents of DIY, being boujee, funny but also making the most of life and acknowledging that if you can dream it, you can achieve anything (also putting actions into it too). Recently I have started to have a celebrity crush on Amber Scholl. She is so dreamy, artistic and shows an excellent example of being independent and never depending on NO MAN. If you ever read this, Amber, I LOVE YOU!

Have you met other bloggers or content creators like you? What was your experience?

New Zealand is a pretty small country, but that doesn’t mean you don’t see any influencers around or a few Youtubers here n there. I’ve definitely had my fair share of meeting various content creators, although they don’t all seem to be the nicest. Of course, I understand it’s a job, and you need to get your projects done, although it wouldn’t hurt to reply, answer my phone call, or even meet up for coffee. The only content creator I have had a great experience with was Aria Phoenix. She is a brand ambassador, content creator, and she has her very own successful makeup line. Aria has been the most generous, supportive content creator I know. We still chat and really do catch up on our months. Let’s hope that other people give good experiences and support other content creators in this country.

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