Ways To Earn Money From Home

It’s a popular topic and advice column every writer and blogger shares. Although it’s easy to type it up, even harder to do it in action. “If it was easy, then everybody would be doing it” the classic phrase we hear after giving up in less than 24hrs. I’ve gained up to eight streams of income within the past two months, now get to be my own boss from home. Is it possible? yes, does the money come quickly, no. If you have enough determination and more importantly, patience then keep on reading.

Streaming Apps

As some of you know, I have a big fanbase on my streaming app. BigoLive is such a great platform to gain beans which then pays up to one grand, that is how much effort you put into it. Some stories include earning up to 8-10k a month. Search up different platforms to stream on and earn a living. Some gamers get paid to play Minecraft, PubG, and Call Of Duty for several hours.

Donations And Business

You can always start up your own business on a website. Ko-Fi is a great website to earn money and host a small shop for any business you have, clothing, plushies, or jewelry. Upwork, Fiverr, and Patreon are other great websites too. Everyone is capable of putting their skills online for more income. Making pretty pencils or handbags can be a great seller, every penny and cent counts.

Blogging Vs Writing

Google Ads let you earn money from writing, yes it’s true. Each month you see all the analytics towards your earnings. what a great way to write stories or even hot topics. Doing your research on google ads will be rather very helpful in understanding the earnings and analytics. Writing for your nearest newspaper can also be another extra hundred dollars. “The day I thought I won the lotto!” could be a great laugh or lead the audiences towards your new business.


Who said you had to show off nudity? Being a non-nude model or having a foot fetish OnlyFans is a great idea if you don’t want anyone finding you naked on the internet. OnlyFans doesn’t have to just be about a naked body or some vibrator. Be creative and explore crazy things you think people could pay for on OnlyFans.

YouTube Star

You love taking selfies, right? so why not a YouTube video on how to create the best selfie with only DIY equipment? No, you don’t need a fancy camera or iPhone. Just get to filming and in no time you can get so successful along with income from YouTube videos. It takes a lot of patience though, remember that.

Brand Ambassador

I recently joined a clothing brand deal, to not only get great discounts but income when they use my code on a one hundred dollar purchase. Joining to be part of a clothing or jewelry brand can work in your favor, we all love the Netflix show “Emily In Paris”. Great ideas for your social media and getting that income from promoting your code.

There are just a few ideas for expanding your horizons into that six-figure income. Everyone has different ways and techniques maximizing their streams of income. one thing all of this requires is a lot of patience but also determination. Within a year you can be earning six figures and not many people will know your secrets towards such success.

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