Essential Apps For More Exposure On Social Media

Social media is a hectic place, crazy and nether the less, hard to stay noticed. I can remember when I had signed up for Facebook and Instagram, thinking it’s very normal and not that important. Very little did I realize that it takes real dedication and lots of behind the scenes work. You must be reading this to wonder what are the essential apps to get more exposure? well in my opinion and my path of success, it’s gotten far while using these special apps.

Preview Your Instagram

Preview is an app that lets you mix and match your Instagram photos in advance before posting. You get to add any photos to up your Instagram game and the aesthetics you’re going for. Grey and grungy or pink and girly. I have used this app for two years, making sure I like my aesthetic.

Edit, Edit, And Edit

Editing is a great tool for a better way to catch your audience’s eye. Although we may not look that tan and smooth in real life, it looks great for the edits as well, more exposure. Airbrush is the one tool I always use for getting rid of blemishes, marks on my clothes or shoes. Airbrush lets you put beautiful filters on too, letting those French nails look even more expensive.

Nichi And Canva

Catching the attention of your audience can also come through great posters, little details in your edits, or simply a great mention about your work and skills. Nichi and Canva can help you get your creativity out there or be different from others. Businesses I see on my Twitter use many of these apps for their work, months later it’s growing bigger than before.


Staying in the loop of Instagram stories and cute gifs are immense. Don’t worry, I have your back. Unfold, the app helps you get more precise details about what you want to show or say. It’s a great app for making Instagram stories, promoting your work, and even getting someone to buy your OnlyFans.


Everyone that you ask for advice on social media will tell you how hashtags are important, although it can differ. HastTagExperts app help categorizes and labels which hashtags are most popular or used. They grade it from A to F just like your high school assignment. Many of these hashtags show signs of better exposure, followers, and likes. Don’t be afraid to explore your horizons or hashtags.

These apps and many more help for better exposure for all social media. Get creative and expand your horizons before anyone throws you off balance. Patience and determination are your best friend for everything you create.

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