Becoming A Streamer on….

Do you mean twitch? Doesn’t everyone stream? Is it even worth anything? Aren’t you just wasting your day on a computer? All your questions will be answered, not from Google. From experience, on my behalf. Streaming is so much fun because you gain fans and people who love your personality and content. So before you get too excited and ignore the facts, because let’s face it. It sounds so easy. We need to address one thing.


Streaming is a form of filming yourself or going live on a platform, doing a particular hobby, or just talking to the audience. There are many apps and gaming platforms to stream on. Anyone will tell you the basics of how it works. Even earn a monthly salary from it. Twitch is the most convenient platform most gamers stream on, that doesn’t mean you need to give up your musician career and start playing Farcry5 every night, you simply are an individual streamer and make your own decisions on what you do. So how did I transition to becoming a verified and popular online streamer, from working a day job? easy, I did my research as anyone would. Now everyone chooses to stream on twitch as a platform because it’s so popular, but twitch was not in my best favor of being successful, hence all the programs looking so complicated, I chose BIGOLive.

My first experience

At the age of twenty years old, I had downloaded the BIGOLive app and begun my journey. Most people only streamed for a few months before giving up and sharing their awful experiences. I continued to carry on and give myself a name, Miss America. Why do you ask? Due to being Russian, I’ve gained an American accent, so I thought the name would suit. My first time streaming was late at night, I had an awful day and wanted to cry. I turned on my phone and hit that Go LIVE button. The room was flooding with audiences from around the world, saying hello, asking what I was doing, or simply complimenting me. I was showing my audience my new Panasonic Lumix 4K camera that I had bought. Pretending to be a sassy photographer, everyone was asking about the camera.

Gaining the audience

When I first got my new furnished apartment with a stunning view of the city, my free time consisted of streaming for a minimum of six to eight hours a day. My live streams would now get around two hundred audiences or sometimes more, hence having a pole in my room and practicing my spins. Some spectacular stories would pop up in the chats, leaving me laughing and amazed. Nights when I put on songs and did some pole dancing, audiences were cheering with compliments and beans. Midway through 2020, I became an official host, to get paid for my work and being verified. PKs were the secret to gaining beans and meeting new people, it is a small world after all.

Platforms expanding

Hence being told about my significant beauty, talents, and personality, audiences loved my work of photography, blogging, and streaming. I hadn’t started my fashion business at that time but did have plans for it, I would post all about my different platforms of work. This included my Facebook page for this blog, brand ambassador work, Spotify, and soon fashion website. Hearing everyone’s thoughts about my different levels of work and talents, left me ever more grateful. Everyday I check to see numbers of views rising for my blog, link tree, reviews on my creativity in fashion. Even though everyone doesn’t communicate through Instagram or Twitter, I made sure to fill in my audiences on BIGOLive posts. Now my websites, stream, and business get new likes, views every day. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the love and support I’ve earned. Thank you.

My future with…

So what is the future going to look like for streamers? Maybe a little more advanced and smarter. Streaming is a worldwide, never-ending platform of success. I already have my studio getting set up at my house, don’t worry I’ll have my pole too so everyone can see my cool tricks and spins. Anyone can do streaming, but it takes a lot of hard work, nether the less being verified. If you’re ever reading my article and thinking of joining, let me know. Meeting new people and learning new things is one of our favorites.

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  1. Sara James says:

    Tanya. happy to read about your successful Journey of streaming. Yes, It is a hard work, and it is a great way to discover your talents and get acknowledged. Good luck with your fashion brand !

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