What’s In My Purse?

Ever wondered what’s in someone’s purse? That beautiful leather bag, keeping our essential makeup and spearmint gum safe. Well, you lovely soul, get to know… Don’t worry there’s no vodka in it this time. Everyplace I go, I always carry my valuable bag with me. My pink leather Kate Spade purse, and of course the matching wallet included.

Before I head out to any special occasions, meetings, hangouts of any sort. My purse is the last thing I get ready, arranging it down on the bed like it’s an outfit of the day, and the essentials go in like money into the bank. I categorize my list of objects into three sections.

-Number one, emergency items.

-Number two, change of look.

And lastly number three, our looks.Β 

For category number one, emergency items. The objects are pen and pad of paper, headphones, cable charger, and nail clippers with hair ties. The number of moments when someone asks if you have a pen or having to clip your nails for family gatherings (yes I get asked that in the car). It is always vital you carry a charger cord and headphones with you, as it will save you on the way home for any emergency gossip, you have held in. My second category, change of look. I always amount to lots of jewelry, earrings, necklaces for special occasions. Who knows if you have to be somewhere important and change your look, those pearl earrings could earn you that job. Jewelry is a great way to look fifty percent adequately if you don’t have the best outfit. The last and final category, our looks. No one wishes a visit from the trash bin, it’s why I toss in lots of perfume, deodorant, and makeup. Smelling like Gucci is fabulous, even more so when you can throw on makeup in just five minutes. Don’t forget that Nivea cream too, soft baby skin is the fairest.

My must-haves in a purse is Nivea cream, Gucci perfume, pearl bracelets, and mascara. I adore having smooth skin, especially during winter. Nivea cream is the truest as well as the smell, so fresh. Recently I got to spoil myself, the first item I purchased this month was Gucci Guilty. Gorgeous package with a strong spray. Every woman will be inquiring what smells so beautiful. I constantly have pearl bracelets as my go-to jewelry, as it’s natural color, classy and goes with anything. No matter how many times my friends have their gold chain bracelets, every adult compliments my pearl white bracelets. When it comes to makeup, definitely keep it natural. If you have no period to put any on, grab your mascara as it will enhance your eyes to look more beautiful and stand out. There you have the items that I have in my purse. Although this was short, it’s significant that you know your priorities of objects in your purse for any occasion, if or when there is an emergency, such as looks or needs.

18 thoughts on “What’s In My Purse?

  1. steffs_journey says:

    I love seeing what people have in their bags! You are super organised! When I’m working I have eeeeverything in my handbag that I might need, from all the essentials you mention to a handheld fan, glasses, hair bands and grips, brush, lip balm and loads of other stuff lol! Thanks for sharing x

  2. maddieastle says:

    I absolutely love this purse! I’ve wanted one from Kate Spade for so long I may have to treat myself. This post was really great to read, thank you for sharing!

  3. Rayo says:

    Your purse is so cute 😍. You packaged your earpiece and charger well, unlike me, I would just put my earpiece and charger together then struggle to untangle them. Sigh.

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