Dating A CEO At The Age Of 19

So you’ve already read the title and now thinking, how on earth did I start dating a CEO? Especially at the age of 19. After two years of my first broken heart, my second boyfriend is a CEO. Well, actually sugar daddy.
Many girls don’t get this opportunity especially when most guys my age think I wouldn’t have a chance dating a CEO. I’ve grown up being the petite, skinny shy girl that most people didn’t like. When it came to dating, only desperate guys my age would chase me. I got sick and tired of it, so I decided to change the game.

After graduating from high school, I decided to make my first year memorable, I promised myself to do fun hobbies, meet new people, and gain my social media. After attending a concert for youth, my thoughts came into spark. I’ve always wanted to be a sugar baby since I was 16 and now being a legal adult, I can. Walking home alone gave me inspiration, imagining all my dreams come true, being happy, and actually meeting people in my life. That night, I made myself a cup of tea for thinking, cleaned my desk up and opened my laptop screen. This was it, I’m going to be in the sugar bowl, smiling as if I’m some badass character in a tv show.

During July, my phone had alerted me of a new message. On Seeking Arrangments. This man, Phillip had a genuine smile, had many hobbies while handsome looking. Chatting to each other for two weeks, we then decided to meet up. Our dinner night was so wonderful and we actually had chemistry, given a hug and a kiss on both cheeks, I felt honored. Could it be, that I was this lucky to date a CEO or did karma do its job for me after my first horrible relationship? A week came around and we started to see each other more, it was amazing. There were nights where we just watched Netflix, had beers, and ate Tai for dinner. I picked the movie, Percy Jackson since he’s never seen it. The fluffy fleece blankets were on top, fireplace going, and a beautiful view of the city outside the window. This felt comfy and luxurious, the best of both worlds. On Sunday morning I had woken up early to go see friends. After saying goodbye to my girls, I had received a text by Phillip. “Would you like to go flying?” My lips smiled as I blurted out a giggle, “Yes, I’d love to. Thank you” my text message replied. My Uber dropped me off and I knocked on the door, it took about ten minutes to get ready for our fun day. Before we left, Phillip had given me a soft beige fabric bag. Inside was a beautiful light pink, Kate Spade leather bag with a matching wallet. I didn’t know what to say, I felt so grateful and appreciated. Thanking him and seeing him happy that I loved it, Phillip replied with “I knew you loved it, I looked at the bag and saw you with it”. On our way to flying, Philip decided to turn up the stereo with rap music. Windows down, music up, and comfy leather seats in the Range Rover. Arriving at the shed, there it was, his plane inside, it was White, red, and grey. There were also two cars parked inside. A black BMW and a small red vintage Ferrari. There was a bedroom and lounge upstairs that had giant windows looking out above the plane. Phillip had told me to get comfy while he checked the plane before flying. I couldn’t imagine how much it would cost to get something so small fixed for a plane, let alone buying one. In we hopped and the earmuffs went on. Phillip started the engine and started to drive around, in order to get a good take off. The plane stopped as he made sure everything was working. ” time for lift-off” he announced, the machine sped up and went faster, pulling up we were already three meters in the air going higher and higher. My body had adrenaline, seeing people get smaller and buildings look like lego blocks. During our flight, he pumped up his Spotify music. It was the perfect music that made you feel like you’re in paradise with coconuts and palm trees. Both of our cameras snapped millions of photos, capturing beautiful blue water, long sandy beaches, and mysterious islands with rocks surrounded. “Be sure to put this on the gram” Phillip said halfway in our flight.

At 9:00 pm at home in September, I had been organizing the things I wanted to do for next year, 2020. I made 4 new year’s resolutions for 2020. Read six books, reach 10k on Instagram, start a blog and Youtube, lastly put more effort into looking beautiful everyday, makeup, and my clothes. While I only had my iPhone to use for most of my things, I had told Phillip about my new year’s resolutions, “If I had a blog I’d have to have a tablet to keep all my stuff and apps separate from my personal life. I want to take my blog seriously and actually put effort into it” I mentioned with a sigh, I didn’t want to buy just any cheap or expensive tablet, my blogs we’re going to be on there. I couldn’t afford one due to paying for other payments for travel and essential needs. “I can get you a new one, just send me the link to the one you want and I’ll get it” he explained while sipping his gin and tonic. I smiled while we sipped on our drinks. A month later my laptop had died, from plugging a vibrator into charge. There goes watching season one of The Originals on Netflix. Phillip laughed as he heard how my laptop broke, guess the I.T guy will wonder how I managed to break my laptop with a sex toy. “I have two laptops and you can borrow one for your websites, they have 4k on them if it helps” Phillip mentioned. This is a lot easier to work with than getting a new one, watch out blogging cause here I come. When it came around the month of Christmas, Phillip had invited me over for dinner, I had put on my favorite beige sweater while he was looking at his curved Apple computer screen, I wasn’t too bothered to what he was doing. “You know princess, I’d love to take you out to dinner one night” Phillips’s voice was soft and smooth. I do have a black dress that I haven’t worn out yet, my face brightened up as I said: “I’d love to as well, I have a perfect outfit to wear”. That night we ate some ham and had Christmas cake for dessert, although I preferred to have ice cream instead. We clinked our gin and tonics, watching captive on Netflix with the blankets on us and the bright city lights shining in.

To this present day, Philip and I are still dating. It has been a wonderful time and there are yet more memories to come. I do stay humble and grateful for what I have been taught along my journey, every day is very fun and full of laughter. It’s always an adventure being with Phillip, but he always reminds me to keep working hard along my own journey, while being the best I can be. He has been supporting me through my blogging, websites, and hobbies. Names and certain places have been changed to keep our real lives in privacy. Thank you for reading.

26 thoughts on “Dating A CEO At The Age Of 19

  1. Hazel @ Places + Peonies says:

    I had a friend who did this, back in 2005 when the idea was super taboo but I don’t think she ever met up with him or anything. I really wish I had thought to do this when I got divorced instead of jumping into another messed up relationship instead!

  2. Cedric Noronha says:

    Very good post. You have penned down your experience about dating a CEO at the age of 19. Nicely written. Keep up the good work.

  3. adultingwithpam says:

    Wow wow wow – SO GREAT. Your writing is so amazing and kept me interested the WHOLE time. I love how Philip seems just.. genuine and your relationship sounds REAL. Funny how things work out like that. Very interested to hear more about your life! I’m so happy that he encourages you to follow your dreams ! love that !

  4. Maisy says:

    Do you ever feel uncomfortable taking his gifts? Sorry if I’m asking loads of questions. It’s just so interesting to me 🤗

    1. Tanya's blog says:

      Don’t be sorry, I’m an open book🤗. I don’t feel uncomfortable, I can’t afford a lot of fancy things and many men just love to spoil their partner with accessories and materials.

      1. Maisy says:

        I guess I’m the kind of person who would want to get them something back 😂😂 I wouldnt feel right getting a gift if it wasn’t my birthday or something. I’m a student so I definitely can’t afford fancy things either. How much is the age gap between you two?

    1. Tanya's blog says:

      My friend actually recommended it. My bf and I went on a break years ago and I didn’t like it, recently I have had such bad luck finding a job. I didn’t want to waste my years waiting for a job/get income so I figured I should do sugaring.

      1. Maisy says:

        I take it there’s a lot of credentials you have to meet. Certain look, height, interests. Otherwise everyone would be doing it. Something has to cut out the people who are just in it for money

      2. Tanya's blog says:

        Most guys on the site don’t care how tall, skinny, or clear skin you are, they’re wanting company and some can identify those who are in it for money. It really depends on what your profile says and how you message them. Gotta sound genuine

      1. nianni says:

        Nice post. Such a lovely story, I actually thought that dating a loving CEO was only something that happened in stories, it’s nice that you have a great guy.

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