Ways To look Aesthetic on Instagram

Instagram is the top social media platform where we’re in a competition, making our lives look top-notch and beautiful. No need to be in the dumps if you can’t compare, there are ways to stand out and look amazing. Here are some ways that can make your profile look more Aesthetic

1. Colour
Pick at least four colors that you like, keep in mind you’re also going to use white in the four colors you pick. This can help you focus on what type of feel people can get from your pictures. Is it going to be girly and stylish, red, pink, gold and white? Or give off a paradise feel? Blue, green, yellow and white? Before planning ahead, you have to make sure you’re able to have at least a few objects or accessories/clothing with the colors you have chosen. Borrow your mother’s beautiful earrings/accessories if you have to, they’re only going up for the gram, not to Tahiti.

2. Instagram Book
Is there such a thing? Yes, a DIY Instagram book. Girls give up their aesthetic within a week. Today we’re going to be like Miranda from “The Devil Wears Prada”, keep your ideas scheduled, written down and at the touch of your hands if your phone dies. Find a small journal that you’re able to use and fill in ideas, outfits, accessories that can complement your Instagram. You will thank yourself after doing this, I have my own little Instagram book and its very helpful when I go out or to town.

3. Visual Collection
Every fashion designer never creates work out of nothing. Get inspired by celebrities selfies, photography, and landscape photos. It is ideal you get Pinterest too, as it’s the perfect find for different styled photos, such as flat lay, angels, worm’s eye view, etc. A few celebrities I want to mention are Rosie Huntington, Amber Scholl, Elizabeth Gillies.

4. Practise And Edit
After collecting our color scheme, Instagram book and pins. We are going to practice our photos and edit them like crazy! Before you read on, be sure to download the Preview app, on the app store in order to plan and keep your Instagram aesthetic. Airbrush is another great app to use, it hides every blemish and pimple. When it comes to accessories, take a flat lay photo to experiment. After gathering all the selfies and flat lay pictures, put them on the preview app. Be sure to use airbrush for your selfies too and brighten your photos to a 5 or 10.

5. Attention And Focus
There are many ways to get followers for the gram, hashtags, comments, scheduled postings. If you have a blog/youtube be sure to put the link in your profile, even follow some of the Instagram threads on twitter and comment yours below. There are also accounts that are able to give you shout outs just for having a beautiful selfie. I used shout outs to gain 2.5k followers in only two weeks on Instagram. Be sure to focus on your aesthetic and Instagram, many girls lose focus and become unmotivated, then their audiences go away and unfollow.

There is my version of having an aesthetic Instagram. Of course, you may have more ideas or tips. I hope this helps you along your journey and gain that audience you all desire.

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