YOU: Being Beautiful

A book written by Michael F. Roizen and Mehmet C. Oz. Don’t we all just overload our brains with too much google, why not just read a book on being beautiful? Sure it’s the twenty-first century but beauty lives on, even in the old school textbooks.

The Owners Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty shares powerful insight into all types of care for ourselves. This includes sexuality and relationship advice. As we age we tend to rely on Google holding the magic antidote for staying youthful and perfect, celebrities talking about expensive brands and highly-priced hair salons.
What if I were to tell you the book of being beautiful can answer your questions? After all, let’s not judge a book by it’s cover.

The Owners Manual to Inner and Outer Beauty breaks everything down into three parts, part one: Looking Beautiful, it starts with skin then our hair and oral. Physical. Part one even shares insight into staying in great shape, while providing accurate information that has been scientifically proven to make you look better. Part two: Feeling Beautiful. Our health, body and problems. This chapter provides the answers to most of the day to day problems. “Why do I have such a sore back?”, “I can’t think straight, too much on my mind” and “my job isn’t providing me enough income and this worries me”. Yes, these two doctors have done their research and shares a solution to it all. When google is unavailable just know there are offline answers too. Part three: Being Beautiful. The intimacy and finding our spirit (not alcohol). Last and final chapter, questions which every man and women are afraid to ask or don’t know answers to. As you’re going to try to fix that horrible white head, you may as well fix your relationship too. I’m talking about with your loved ones, family and the problems during intimacy. There’s no potion recipe for immortality but there is a three-part guide on REAL beauty in this book. No one ever said staying youthful requires easy work, let alone holding up a marriage and sex.

As you draw the last pages of this blog, we should all remind ourselves what it really means to stay beautiful. Just as much as we think it’s free candy it can sometimes require self-love and takes time. The next time you google ” Being Beautiful”, just remember two amazing doctors have their answers in a book.

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  1. Rayo says:

    Oh wow, this book seems amazing. It is not just talking about being beautiful in terms of the skin, it talks about overall. Every aspect of life from inner beauty to loved ones and communication. It’s a book I would love to read. Thanks for sharing

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