Dear COVID19

In 2020, it started with WWIII. Everyone was spilling the insights of politics, Presidents and many conspiracy theories and in those few weeks the whole planet began to develop another problem. The Coronavirus (COVID19), with only so little time to avoid death, many others started to cancel and put shows/events on hold. Self-isolation and quarantine then arrived, the world stopped. Streets, big cities, world stadiums began to fill up with silence and an empty essence. Who would’ve known how quick the world changes? One minute we’re enjoying the best party ever then all the neighborhoods turn into a ghost town. I guess watching those zombie/virus mobies did turn out to be real life. As the weeks begin to harden like ice going frozen solid, everyone is left with their support from the internet. Support groups, telephones, and websites become our hope for the empty hole and devastation from the virus. Soon enough our thoughts fill up with those we love, is it time to say goodbye already? Is this the last stand? Winters not even arrived and everything seems cold. How is it that after a whole decade, we begin to sink in quicksand. Our human race has been going on for centuries, this shouldn’t feel so lifeless to us.

One thought on “Dear COVID19

  1. Amanda Lyne Clark says:

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