Finding The Truth About Your Family

For several years I’ve been explaining to all my friends about my life story. Where I was born and how it’s so complicated, little did I know that it brings about an incredible story and sets it apart in a unique path from the rest of my group. As I’ve gained colleagues, they have all been explained about my heritage. Born in Russia, adopted and raised by Americans. The fraction that comes into complexity is who my birth parents were and their journey that plays a significant role in my beginning to life. They had always had a traditional upbringing, went to university and got jobs. After each one had their fair amount of relationships and marriages, the two ends soon came together. Through alcohol, horrible drama and tension, the parents brought up five kids and soon enough after having their last two unplanned kids, they weren’t meant to survive. The son and daughter, youngest of the five, both were put up for adoption. Raised by an American family the two adapted to modern culture and English language.

Ten years later, the brother and sister grew up in a family that was broken just as their past upbringing. During the daughter’s nineteenth birthday, she soon begins to feel curious about her past. Ravaging in every room of the house for papers she stumbled upon two labeled folders and opens to read them. It’s filled with many papers in Cyrillic writing, the girl soon discovers the reality about her family. The original truth.

When you first find out the truth about your family it’s always difficult to not only take it in but even if you’ve been told different perspectives and versions of your past. The first time that I came to terms with who my birth parents were and getting to know them on a personal level, left me surprised but provided closure. They we’re remarkable people and understandably went through multiple events, their actions were not intended to harm anyone, they were simply living to their extent and now being passed on as wisdom and part of history. Not only were my questions resolved but my spirit felt free and clear, sometimes I’d believe that my birth parents guided me towards all the answers I was looking for. Yes, I wanted to know everything even if it hurt me, the facts gave me a sense of who I truly was as a human being. After reading all the folders, my adoptive parents found out and we’re shocked. They had been hiding it to tell me the truth in the future at an older age, that period I didn’t feel any regret or rage. I understood why they kept it away and I understood myself as a whole. The world is full of different people, those who would’ve never guessed just how powerful our lives turn out to be. When it comes to discovering the truth in anything, you should be conscious of every emotion that will knock on your door. It will hurt but it sets you free even more.

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